Why NetPOS?

We’ve been providing cloud-based POS service since 2000, and we’re very proud of our technology and service model.  But the best way to understand why you should choose NetPOS is to talk with one of our customers.  Our customers tend to love us, for a number of reasons:

— Cost:  We are always at least competitive, and our upfront costs are usually lower than our competitors.  After installation, a low monthly fee is all you need to pay — and you’ll never need to pay for an upgrade.

— Simplicity:  Part of the beauty of our model is that it doesn’t require restauarant managers to be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the POS system.  They never need to upgrade a terminal, backup data, or — perhaps most importantly — administer the security of the POS system.  All of this is done automatically by NetPOS.  Virtually all of the time a manager now spends on running his POS can instead be used to actually run thre restaurant.  And because so much less needs to be done in-store, the user interface is also simpler overall.

— Chain-level management:  With NetPOS, the central office can directly change prices in any or all restaurants.  They can also see real-time data about a store’s sales, labor, and more.

— Extensibility:  A savvy restaurant chain doesn’t always need to wait for us if they want new features or integartion.  Our APIs make it possible to interact with the system in many ways, and we’re constantly adding more.

— Usability:  Between the simplifying architecture and plain old good design, customers tell us our software is easy to use.  In many cases, restaurants have even stopped training new employees, instead saying “just ask if you have any problems.”

— Service:  We work very hard, and generally get high marks from customers for our responsiveness and helpfulness.